You Want Me to Teach What? Sure-Fire Methods for Teaching Physical Science and Maths

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Publish Date: 23 June 2017

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Like a talk with a wise mentor, reading You Want Me to Teach What? can help you prepare for the challenge of teaching upper-level science and maths and then get you up to speed – fast. You can integrate the book’s tried-and-true methods into your classroom and lesson plans starting from the first day of class.

Author Norman LaFave avoids long discussions of education theory and specific lesson plans; instead, he concentrates on general techniques for approaching a variety of problems and enhancing your teaching skills in science and maths. The book covers student psychology, classroom management, planning, instruction, problem-solving techniques, laboratory methods and reporting, assessment and professional development, all in an engaging manner.

Without feeling overwhelmed, you’ll find a wealth of sensible guidance, regardless of whether you’re a university education major wanting to teach physical science or maths, a new teacher looking for practical methods to integrate into your instruction or an experienced teach in search of fresh ways to improve in the classroom. The proven methods included in You Want Me to Teach What? are sure to help any teacher feel more comfortable and excited about teaching.

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