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You've Got to Reach Them to Teach Them: Hard Facts About the Soft Skills of Student Engagement

Author: Mary Kim Schreck

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ISBN: 9781742391885

No of Pages: 232

Publish date: 26/09/2011

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Standards, curricula and assessment tools have been built and rebuilt to provide excellence and achievement. Now we're faced with the one variable that can turn all this effort into ash: the students.

Navigate the hot topic of student engagement with a true expert. The author explores the many factors involved in bringing out the best in students, such as relationships, emotions, environment and expectations. Discover how to create an environment in which students feel confident and safe enough to take risks, make mistakes and immerse themselves in stimulating learning experiences.

Above all, become empowered to demand an authentic joy for learning in your classroom.

Real-life notes from the field, detailed discussions, practical strategies and space for reflection complete this essential guide to student engagement.

This book:

  • includes practical strategies for increasing student engagement and achievement

  • shows how to create a safe environment that nurtures confidence

  • features a chapter on cultural awareness by Dr Bonnie Davis of Educating for Change