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You're the Principal! Now What? Strategies and Solutions for New School Leaders

Author: Jen Schwanke

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ISBN: 9781760560843

No of Pages: 354

Publish date: 31/01/2017

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A principal’s job is astonishingly complex, and its
competing demands can be overwhelming, especially in the first few years. In
this book, Jen Schwanke, a principal herself, provides a mentor’s guidance to
steer new principals through the period of adjustment and set the foundation
for a long and rewarding career. The topics you wish your graduate program had
covered are covered here – directly, practically and without the jargon.

Drawing on her own experience, Schwanke provides strategies
for tackling the most common and most daunting challenges of the principalship,

  • establishing productive
    professional relationships

  • building and maintaining a
    positive school culture

  • resolving conflict among
    staff and parents

  • providing effective
    instructional leadership

  • supporting students’
    social-emotional needs

  • conducting staff evaluations
    and delivering feedback

  • keeping up with district,
    state and federal mandates

  • managing the facility and the

  • providing focused and
    budget-friendly professional development

  • prioritising responsibilities

  • learning from student and
    school-wide data

  • planning for future growth
    and change

  • working through behaviour and
    discipline issues

  • hiring quality teachers and
    supporting new ones

  • leading effective meetings

  • maintaining balance.

The standalone chapters provide easy
access to the solutions you need for the situations you face. Along with
real-life scenarios and critical tips for success, you’ll find helpful models
of what to do, what to say and how to say it. This book is a source for ideas
any time you encounter a problem and think, “Now what?” It’s the beginning of
an ongoing conversation about the wonderful work of being a principal.