WRITE! Student Book B (Years 2-3)

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Teach your students how to WRITE!

The WRITE! series is a research-based writing program with a foundation in grammar, usage and mechanics (GUM). Comprising of eight books (Books A–H), the program gives primary and early high school students the tools they need to improve their writing skills and raise their scores on standardised tests such as NAPLAN.

WRITE! has been developed to give children practice with the basics of writing as well as in-depth experience with writing prompts and rubrics. After completing the GUM lessons that provide the basis of writing instruction, students of WRITE! are introduced to writing models in a range of different genres. WRITE! breaks down and analyses these models to help students recognise strengths and weaknesses in the writing of others, then students transfer this learning to their own work in responding to a writing prompt for each genre.

Each WRITE! book is explicitly aligned to the Australian Curriculum: English, but the series has relevance for any curriculum subject area that requires children to create written texts describing, explaining, summarising or commenting upon topics relevant to that discipline. Using the WRITE! series, teachers will discover that to improve writing is to improve learning, with results evident in the classroom and beyond.

WRITE! Student Book B is intended for use by children in Years 2–3. Topics covered in Part I: Foundations include possessive nouns, past and present verbs, sentence fragments and paragraph structure. In Part II: Models, students learn about four different genres of writing: descriptions, instructions, personal narratives and fictional narratives.

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