Why Our High Schools Need the Arts

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Publish Date: 01 January 2000

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The performing arts have been considered by some to be supplementary to the secondary school curriculum; a distraction from the humanities, sciences and those other subjects that will “get students a job”. But recent research has shown that keeping students engaged and interested in their studies may have a strong correlation to the way the arts are encouraged in their school.

Why Our High Schools Need the Arts addresses the alarming dropout rate in secondary schools and presents a thoughtful, evidence-based argument that increasing arts education in the secondary school curriculum will keep kids in school. This resource features the compelling voices of teachers and their adolescent learners to demonstrate how courses in the arts are relevant and valuable to students who have otherwise become disenfranchised from school. 

The introduction to Why Our High Schools Need the Arts features a history of the performing arts in secondary schools, a background as to how the arts help children in the early stages of their cognitive development, as well as an overview of the chapters and content addressed in the text, including:

  • Imagination,
  • Agency,
  • Expression,

Empathy, and many more.

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