Whole-Class Inquiry

Creating Student-Centered Science Communities

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Publish Date: 13 April 2016

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Dennis Smithenry and Joan Gallagher-Bolos, long-time teaching colleagues, want to help you transform your secondary school science classroom into a student-led scientific community in which your students take ownership of their projects and mimic real-world exploration. In response to requests from other science education professionals, they have created the perfect vehicle for implementing and assessing this concept of whole-class inquiry.

Whole-Class Inquiry provides firsthand descriptions of Joan’s aims and observations – as well as her introspective analysis – while she skilfully moves her chemistry class toward the ultimate goal of whole-class inquiry. Dennis’s commentary and research affirm the value of the process. On the two included DVDs you can see and hear the subtle details and methods involved in the transformation as the class completes three different projects onscreen.

Whole-class inquiry works in middle years classrooms, too, and for preservice as well as inservice science teachers. Anyone interested in exploring and learning about, or just vicariously experiencing, this rewarding method will enjoy the book and DVDs ­– and reap the benefits of the whole-class inquiry approach.

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