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When Students Fail to Learn: Protocols for a Schoolwide Response

Author: Catherine Glaude

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ISBN: 9781742391878

No of Pages: 108

Publish date: 14/03/2012

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Schools are increasingly required to develop and implement response to intervention (RTI). Addressing this requirement thoughtfully necessitates a schoolwide response when a student fails to learn. To implement this well, a team of educators must learn new ways of working together to support the learning of each child who is struggling. Teachers must be comfortable sharing their students' needs - and their own struggles to respond - with colleagues.

To implement a schoolwide response when a student fails to learn, teams of educators must be skilful in collaboration and collectively possess a depth and breadth of expertise in teaching. Educators must also have a specialised set of tools and competencies, which include protocols for problem solving and decision making, knowledge of a range of interventions to support learners who are struggling, and structures to help them use and reflect on data from a variety of formal and informal assessments used to monitor student progress in academic and behavioural areas.

This book offers resources to support educators as they continue their journey toward creating a schoolwide response when a student fails to learn. The protocols offered in this book build trust as well as shared knowledge and skills for analysing and interpreting student assessment data needed to shift thinking from "my students" to "our students" - where everyone in the school is invested in each student's learning.