When Spelling Matters

Developing Writers Who Can Spell and Understand Language

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Publish Date: 10 April 2017

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As students think, compose and explore a topic, spelling may not matter, but spelling does matter when clear communication is needed and when the work will be shared with others.

When Spelling Matters shows teachers how to nurture writers and build students confidence in their ability to write and spell well. It argues that children learn to spell by investigating how words work and recognising the unique structure and patterns of words. Based on the belief that students need multiple strategies to help them spell, this practical book offers a series of explicit lessons that address the developmental nature of spelling and encourage students to apply their growing word knowledge to their own writing and editing.

This remarkable book emphasises that spelling is not a low-level rote-memory activity but a high-level cognitive skill. It offers simple strategies that focus on problem solving with words. It also includes many suggestions for inspiring students and prompting them to write, think about words and solve word problems.

When Spelling Matters is committed to nurturing students who love words, are inspired by metaphors and word origins, and see language as a valuable resource to be explored deeply. This love of language will enable students to have something to say when they write, and they will produce pieces of writing that are worth editing, reading and sharing.

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