What’s Next for This Beginning Writer? Revised Edition

Mini Lessons that Take Writing from Scribbles to Script

Author: Janine Reid, Betty Schultze, Ulla Petersen

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ISBN: 9781760563011

No of Pages: 144

Publish Date: 10 April 2017

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This timely revision is designed to help teachers appreciate what children know about writing and how to encourage them to build on their natural strengths to develop into confident readers and writers. 

Organised to meet the needs of teachers, the revised edition puts even more emphasis on the natural stages that children move through in their journey to becoming writers. New and reworked lessons are included, and new student samples support the playful activities that explore the developmental continuum of skills that take children “from scribbles to competency”. Tips on using the interactive whiteboard show easy was to incorporate new technologies into the process.

What’s Next for This Beginning Writer? starts with an inclusive definition of writing and suggests simple ways to introduce students to the purpose of writing. It discusses the relationship of reading and writing, and the importance of oral language in building strong writers. Based on the work of real F–2 students, it shows teachers how to interpret student work, identify what they know and build naturally on the writing strengths their work displays.

A series of Writing Workshop lessons form the core of this important book. At the heart of all the Writing Workshops is the question, “What’s next for this beginning writer?” Using a student sample, teachers learn how they might talk with students to celebrate their work, extend their learning and set goals for their next piece of writing. This demonstration is followed by a mini-lesson that builds on the writing sample and suggests group and whole-class activities to use with students at a similar stage.

Children will thrive as writers if they experience success. What’s Next for This Beginning Writer? offers teachers the tools they need to nurture successful young writers.

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