What Every Church Member Should Know About Poverty

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Publish Date: 28 February 2017

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From inner-city, mainline churches to rural parishes, congregations of all denominations and faiths struggle with the challenge of service to the poor. You’re called to reach out, but to whom are you reaching? And how? The mindsets of people in poverty may differ strikingly from those of your membership. To be effective, you have to know what poverty does to human beings. What have they experienced? What are their real needs? How can they be integrated into your congregation, become members, rise above their past, offer their gifts and skills in return?

What Every Church Member Should Know About Poverty is a comprehensive and useful guide for helping churches understand and reach out to people in poverty. Packed with relevant resources and eye-opening insights, this one-of-a-kind volume supports you – heart, mind and spirit – in your efforts to live out your calling. 

You will learn

  • the “hidden rules” of economic class
  • communication and conflict-resolution strategies
  • distinctive mindsets about family, marriage and stewardship
  • how to use the helpful Resources Inventory in your ministry with the poor
  • tips for integrating people in poverty into the congregation.
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