What Are They Thinking? Promoting Elementary Learning Through Formative Assessment

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Publish Date: 07 April 2016

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You don’t have to become a mind reader to understand the ideas young students bring to science class. This collection will help you draw out and then recognise what students know – or think they know – about the natural world. What Are They Thinking? is a compendium of 30 “Formative Assessment Probes” columns from NSTA’s elementary journal Science and Children. Each chapter provides

  • a sample formative assessment probe: a set of interesting questions that root out commonly held, often-mistaken ideas. Geared to primary students, probe topics range from why you can see the Moon in the daytime to where water goes when it evaporates to what is or isn’t a rock. Your students’ answers to each probe will help you take a step back and figure out how to guide them from where they are conceptually to where they need to be.
  • accompanying teacher notes: easy-to-grasp explanations and advice that tell you how to encourage evidence-based discussion and then monitor students’ understanding.
  • a bonus feature: a set of study group questions written especially for this compendium by award-winning author Page Keeley.

So forget about acquiring psychic powers. Instead, turn to What Are They Thinking? to transform both your teaching and your students’ learning about science.

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