Vocabulary for the Common Core

By: Robert Marzano

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Publish Date: 16 December 2013

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The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) present unique demands on students to learn vocabulary and teachers to teach it. Authors Robert J. Marzano and Julia A. Simms address the need for CCSS-aligned vocabulary instruction in their three-part resource Vocabulary for the Common Core. They guide teachers and teams toward the creation of a successful vocabulary program while highlighting both general academic and domain-specific terms from the mathematics and English language arts standards. Direct vocabulary instruction is crucial for student success, especially in light of the CCSS, and Marzano and Simms show P–12 educators step-by-step how to achieve success for all students. 

Readers will:

  • Learn to incorporate Common Core State Standards vocabulary in teaching and student learning
  • Recognise the importance of vocabulary instruction on reading ability, mental process and academic achievement
  • Understand how students learn vocabulary
  • Make general academic and domain-specific language from the CCSS relevant to students
  • Create a system of assessment that tracks students; progress with CCSS vocabulary

Vocabulary for the Common Core is the ideal resource for teachers who wish to connect with curriculum standards on a deeper level, and will help to bridge the gap between educational jargon and students’ understanding.


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