Using Formative Assessment in the RTI Framework

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RTI and formative assessment have the potential to positively impact student achievement. When formative assessment is coupled with RTI, teachers can catch students before they fall too far behind the standards and their peers. Formative assessment is not only an important component of effective instruction within the RTI framework; it is a key feature of instructional design. Linking the results of formative assessment to instructional change can enhance learning and influence student success.

This book is intended for teachers and administrators who want to better understand the basics of RTI and its connection to formative assessment. It provides educators with ample information and ideas that will help them base their instructional decisions on the results of effective formative assessment practices. Whether experienced or inexperienced in the use of formative assessment and data collection and analysis, readers will find useful tips and strategies that will advance their knowledge and understanding toward the goal of increasing student achievement.


  • Provides numerous examples of formative assessment tools, most of which can be used for any subject.
  • Highlights tools that help students self-assess their social skills and behaviour patterns so they become more aware of how their actions affect their academic achievement
  • Suggests a four-step, systematic approach to data collection and analysis, and provides a variety of data collection and display methods.
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