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Unstoppable Learning: Seven Essential Elements to Unleash Student Potential

Author: Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey

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ISBN: 9781760561284

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Publish date: 06/03/2017

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Every day, teachers and administrators tirelessly work to
fulfil their most significant duty: to ensure students learn. In Unstoppable
, authors Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey uncover systems thinking as the
key to improving teaching and learning schoolwide. Systems thinking – which
involves distinguishing patterns and relationships and thinking through short-
and long-term consequences – is critical to creating clear learning targets,
preparing and delivering effective lessons, and successfully assessing
instruction. To be systems thinkers, educators must understand the big picture
of education and the intricate relationships that affect teaching and learning.
The Unstoppable Learning model contains seven essential elements of teaching and
learning to create a network of interactions that helps teachers and students
reach new understandings.

F–12 teachers and administrators will

  • learn how to become effective
    systems thinkers that ensure learning schoolwide

  • examine the seven elements of
    the Unstoppable Learning model necessary for systems thinking

  • prompt discussion and
    reflection using driving questions and chapter takeaways

  • gather helpful sample surveys,
    unit plans, analysis forms, rubrics, templates and pull-out questions to
    develop systems-thinking learning environments.