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Uncovering Student Ideas in Astronomy

45 New Formative Assessment Probes

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ISBN: 9781760010997

No of Pages: 234

Publish Date: 15 September 2015

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“You cannot ‘fix’ your students’ misconceptions, but by using these probes to formatively assess your students’ current thinking, you will be in a much better position to create a path that moves students from where they are to where they need to be scientifically.”

– From the introduction to Uncovering Student Ideas in Astronomy

What do your students know – or think they know – about what causes night and day, why days are shorter in winter and how to tell a planet from a star? Find out with Uncovering Students Ideas in Astronomy, the latest in the popular Uncovering Student Ideas in Science series.

The book is organised into five sections: the Nature of Planet Earth; the Sun–Earth System; Modelling the Moon; Dynamic Solar System; and Stars, Galaxies and the Universe. The 45 assessment probes provide situations that will pique your students’ interest while helping you understand how your students think about key ideas related to the universe and how it operates. The Teacher Notes provided for each probe include the probe’s purpose, related concepts, a scientific explanation, advice on how to administer the probe, related research suggestions for instruction and assessment, and references.

As authors Page Keeley and Cary Snider note, it’s not always easy to help students untangle mistaken ideas, By using this powerful set of tools to identify students’ preconceptions, teachers will take an excellent first step toward helping students achieve scientific understanding in astronomy.

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