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Twelve Best Practices for Early Childhood Education: Integrating Reggio and Other Inspired Approaches

Author: Ann Lewin-Benham

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ISBN: 9781742391700

No of Pages: 216

Publish date: 07/05/2012

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In her new book, popular author Ann Lewin-Benham draws on her intimate knowledge and experience with the Reggio Approach to present 12 "best practices" inspired not only by Reggio, but also by play-based and Montessori approaches to early childhood education. These practices are demonstrated, one per chapter, with scenarios from classrooms, dialogues of children and teachers, and work samples showing the outcome of using each practice. Used together, the 12 best practices offer a new framework for early education. Written in the accessible style that her readers appreciate, this book expands on Lewin-Benham's earlier works by showing the foundations for teachers to practise the Reggio Approach in their own settings.