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27 Apr - 08 Jun 2022

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Trauma-sensitive instruction is important and increasingly pertinent in our classrooms.

While many educators have seen the effects of trauma on their students, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to take note of the impact of trauma – not just on students, but on teachers and leaders too. Whether we see its influence in students acting out or withdrawing, we comprehend the seriousness of trauma and that we need to understand it to then provide classrooms and schools where students can feel safe, develop resiliency and thrive. 

This three-part webinar series has been designed to provide school leaders with foundational information, strategies to positively impact their own attitude and mindset, and ways to help make classrooms and schools more trauma sensitive. Each webinar in this series introduces a key element in your trauma-sensitivity journey and details what needs to be explored next. 

The webinar series is based on two new books, Trauma-sensitive instruction and Trauma-sensitive leadership, by authors John Eller and Tom Hierck. They both have experienced childhood trauma, taught in classrooms with trauma-impacted students and led schools to become trauma sensitive.

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Webinar I: Understanding trauma

Wednesday 27 April 2022, 10.00 am AEST (approx. 35–45 minutes)
In this webinar, participants will learn about the basics of trauma and what’s happening to children experiencing trauma. This session features:
• a definition of trauma
• the results of the original Adverse Childhood Experiences study and other studies related to trauma published recently
• what happens to the brain when we experience trauma and stress
• our reactions to trauma
• the importance of relationships and routines in providing support
• next steps for schools in becoming trauma sensitive.

Webinar II: Leading a trauma-sensitive school

Tuesday 17 May 2022, 10.00 am AEST (approx. 35–45 minutes)
In this webinar, participants will learn about the impact of trauma. They will also find out how to assess their school and school culture for readiness and cover the initial steps on the journey to becoming more trauma sensitive. This webinar covers:
• understanding the impact of trauma
• the 8Rs of trauma-sensitive instruction
• the trauma-informed school journey
• developing an understanding of trauma
• establishing a sense of urgency
• understanding and diagnosing the school culture
• building a guiding coalition
• identifying a small number of initiatives to start implementation
• measuring initial implementation efforts and making course corrections
• the importance of self-care
• next steps for school leaders
• deciding to move forward
• setting up the plan.

Webinar III: The importance of self-care in trauma-sensitive teaching and leading

Wednesday 8 June 2022, 10.00 am AEST (approx. 35–45 minutes)
In this webinar, participants will learn about the importance of implementing self-care strategies for themselves and their teachers. The objectives of this webinar include:
• realising the impact of stress and trauma on teachers and leaders
• understanding the importance of implementing self-care strategies to help manage stress
• reviewing sample strategies to begin implementing self-care
• assessing progress and using this assessment to create a self-care plan.


Each webinar will be recorded and made publicly available 7–14 days after its conclusion.

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Access to Zoom may be restricted on some school computer networks, particularly the Education Queensland network. If you are having trouble registering for this event, please try on a device that is not connected to your school’s network.

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