Thinking in the Australian Curriculum

A Handbook for Educators

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Publish Date: 06 February 2014

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The infusing of thinking into content delivery, the use of the language of thinking and the explicit teaching of thinking is becoming an ever-present feature of classroom practice. However, the issue faced by many school leaders in particular is how can such methodology be embedded within and across the school as part of the ongoing culture of every classroom?

This handbook outlines a five-step process that will assist schools at all levels in implementing a whole-school approach to infusing thinking into the curriculum in classrooms working with the new Australian Curriculum. It provides frameworks for ensuring that practices such as the explicit teaching of thinking becomes an enduring part of the culture of the school.

Section one provides the context for such a whole-school approach within the context of the Australian Curriculum. The important role of the General Capabilities component is discussed. Section two describes how establishing a whole-school approach will require staff to come to some common understandings about the process of thinking itself as well as what teaching and learning with a thinking focus may imply. Section three asks what the explicit teaching of thinking may look like at the reader's school. What baseline data would assist in mapping progress? Section four investigates the challenges surrounding implementation, focusing upon the role of teachers as they develop a classroom culture of thinking and what could be expected of students as they work within a culture of thinking. The next section provides strategies for the tracking and monitoring of student progress, while the final section provides thinking tools for reflection and identifies some common pitfalls.

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