There's Room for Me Here

Literacy Workshop in the Middle School

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Publish Date: 22 September 2015

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What do you do with students who cannot or will not read and write? This portrait of Kyle Gonzalez’s classroom offers teachers theory-based strategies for helping those students become motivated and successful readers and writers. You will see how on middle school teachers sets up her literacy classroom, offers intervention and support for struggling students and assesses their progress. Rich in description of Kyle’s successes, the book also looks honestly at why some practices were ineffective in her setting.

With Janet’s and Kyle’s practical and detailed suggestions for creating a literate environment, you’ll learn how to:

  • establish a literacy workshop
  • choose and use effective resources
  • implement effective, informative record keeping
  • help students establish goals and assess progress
  • use read-alouds as well as shared, guided and independent reading and writing
  • instil reading and writing practices that help students read content-specific texts.

There’s Room For Me Here includes record-keeping forms, extensive bibliographies of literature for shared and independent reading, professional materials and resource information, and samples of strategy lessons all embedded in this engaging story of a teacher’s first three years building a literacy workshop in her classroom.

Kyle’s students are middle years learners who struggle with literacy. But the strategies, content-area connections and management ideas are applicable and appropriate for use by any 3–12 teacher.

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