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Theory and Practice of Creativity Measurement

Author: Eunice Soriano De Alencar, Maria de Fatima Bruno-Faria, Denise de Souza Fleith

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ISBN: 9781760017095

No of Pages: 178

Publish date: 20/10/2015

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This book explores important and fascinating topics related to the
assessment of creativity.

An introductory chapter provides an overview of numerous measures
to assess the multiple dimensions of creativity and address the parameters to
be considered when evaluating the quality of the available instruments, as well
as the steps to be taken in their administration and interpretation.

The next six chapters each describe an instrument designed to
assess a variable related to creativity, such as obstacles to personal
creativity, classroom climate for creativity, creativity in mathematics and creativity
strategies at the work setting.

These instruments may be used in the school context or in the
workplace for diagnostic purposes and for planning intervention strategies to
facilitate the development and expression of the capacity to create.

The book offers numerous insights that may be a source of
inspiration for researchers in the area, unveiling new possibilities for
promotion of creativity.