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The Write Voice: Using Rich Prompts to Help Student Writing Come Alive

Author: Lisa Donohue

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ISBN: 9781760563028

No of Pages: 126

Publish date: 10/04/2017

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The Write Voice is a comprehensive approach to
teaching writing that deals not only with style, but also with strategies for
finding inspiration and handy tools that young writers can use to write well. This
remarkable resource explores how teachers can use rich engaging writing prompts
to help students develop their writing voice and make even the most meaningful
writer begin to write with pizazz and flare.

The Write Voice is organised around seven strategies,
with appropriate prompts, that encourage students to recognise and seek

  • Emotional Cues: using emotional
    connections to build mood

  • Sensory Statements: using the
    five senses to help readers create a mental image

  • Wordsmithing: building
    vocabulary and promoting risk-taking with creative word use

  • Perspective: understanding that
    the person telling the story is as important as the story itself

  • Character Development: setting
    the stage for action by creating interesting characters with voices of their

  • Personality: allowing the
    author’s passion and creativity to shine through

  • Style: understanding how
    writing conventions, literary devices and presentation techniques can be used to
    strengthen voice

The book argues for routines that involve students in
finding the voice in the writing of other and recognising the power of the
written word. It illustrates countless effective ways students can experiment
with their own voice, engage in robust conversations about their writing and
that of their peers, and set personal goals as writers. It also addresses the
importance of mentoring, setting success criteria and establishing consistent
peer and teacher feedback.