The Vocabulary Book, Second Edition

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Publish Date: 18 October 2016

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This expanded edition of the bestselling text and teaching resource incorporates the newest research in vocabulary learning and instruction into a complete and balanced program for all F–12 students, from those who struggle in school to those who excel. Literacy expert Michael Graves presents a four-pronged vocabulary program that he has developed and honed for over 30 years. The text includes theory, research-based strategies, vocabulary interventions, classroom examples, advice for working with English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) learners, discussion of next-generation standards and more.

The Vocabulary Book, Second Edition presents a comprehensive plan for vocabulary instruction from Foundation Year to secondary school – one broad enough to instruct students with small vocabularies, exceptional vocabularies and every child in between. Written by one of the top experts in the field, this practical book presents a research-based program with plenty of classroom examples and strategies that teachers can use. The comprehensive plan includes four parts: rich and varied language experiences, teaching individual words, teaching word learning strategies and fostering word consciousness.

The Vocabulary Book, Second Edition

  • provides teachers with sound advice and research-based models of exemplary instruction
  • addresses issues related to all types of students, including English language learners
  • includes portraits of comprehensive vocabulary programs in primary, mid-elementary, middle school, and high school classrooms
  • represents a synthesis of the author’s 30 years of work on vocabulary development and instruction.

The Vocabulary Book, Second Edition will appeal to reading and subject-area teachers, teacher educators and school, regional and state leaders.

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