The Thoughtful Classroom Portfolio Series

From Note Taking to Notemaking

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From the Thoughtful Classroom Portfolio Series comes another great resource for teachers that looks at the difference between simply taking notes and making notes. Making good notes is essential to academic success, and research shows that note-savvy students significantly and consistently outperform their peers in school. Unfortunately, in too many schools, making notes involves simply copying down what the teacher says. This is note taking. Notemaking is something else entirely. It is a process where students actively identify important details, analyse big ideas and create notes that are unique and personal.

From Note Taking to Notemaking has everything a teacher needs to master the strategy of Notemaking, in turn strengthening their students’ learning in the classroom. These tools and strategies can be used in any classroom of any level in any learning area, which makes it the perfect PD tool for any school. Over four sessions, teachers will learn how to focus on the difference between note taking and Notemaking; to use a set of research-based Notemaking tools and design a lesson for the classroom; to refine learning by reflecting on how the lesson worked, and how to analyse student work and how to use that student work to improve instructional decision making.

 This supplementary pack includes:

  • A classroom poster: Ideal for helping students master strategies and techniques.
  • A Workcard: A quick reference tool for implementing the strategy.
  • A Workbook/Resource Guide: Includes everything each teacher needs to master the strategy through four interactive sessions.


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