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The Thinking School: Implementing Thinking Skills Across the School

Author: Ralph Pirozzo

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ISBN: 9781742397658

No of Pages: 114

Publish date: 30/04/2013

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Thinking tools are the strategies or scaffolding through which students can access the curriculum. They are devices that have been developed specifically to improve children’s thinking by:

  • Creating a visual focus on an issue that needs to be resolved

  • Offering immediate feedback through seeing their ideas on paper

  • Seeing the big picture

  • Making new connections

  • Analysing complex situations

  • Developing new critical thinking skills

  • Creating new ideas and products 

In this exciting new resource, Ralph Pirozzo offers teachers an introduction to the world of thinking tools, covering a range of devices for different tasks and guiding teachers as how to choose the most appropriate tool for each situation.