The Power of Investigating

Guiding Authentic Assessments

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Publish Date: 20 June 2017

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The Power of Investigating invites you to capture the potential for learning with children – who are natural investigators. But this pedagogical picture book does more than just describe how to build investigations – it also shows you, so you can easily implement the investigations right away in your own F–5 classroom. Authors Julie McGough and Lisa Nyberg provide the following features:

  • Vivid photographs and videos that let you see and hear teachers and students engage in investigations that integrate STEM practices and literacy skills. The seven featured videos show you how teaching can be fun and produce amazing, authentic assessments.
  • The theory and strategy to help students investigate meaningful questions and communicate their findings. You will explore ways to plan and manage investigations and use resources that bring learning to life.
  • Models of five types of investigations that will help students develop literacy skills.
  • Ways to maximise instructional time by integrating curriculum standards and STEM education practices.
As the second book in NSTA’s Powerful Practices series, The Power of Investigating builds on the questioning strategies modelled in The Power of Questioning. The authors are veteran educators who know how busy and demanding today’s F–5 classroom is. A powerful tool in a small package, the book provides fresh, lively strategies you and your students will learn from and enjoy.
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