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The Flipped Learning Series Bundle

Author: Jonathan Bergmann, Aaron Sams

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Publish date: 07/03/2016

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Building on their best-selling book Flip Your Classroom: Reach
Every Student in Every Class Every Day
, flipped education innovators
Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams return with a book series that supports
flipped learning in the four topic areas of Science, Maths, English and
Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as the primary classroom. This bundle collects all five books in this series.

In each book in this bundle, the authors discuss how
educators can successfully apply the flipped classroom model in classrooms.
Each chapter offers practical guidance, including how to approach lesson
planning, what to do with class time and how to employ project-based learning

Each book in this bundle serves as a guide for teachers who are
beginning to flip their classes, or are interested in exploring the flipped
model for the first time. Each book helps real teachers deal with the
realities of teaching in an increasingly interconnected and digital world.

All five books explore practical ways to bring flipped learning
into the classroom, including:

  • How to flip your class, and the
    four hurdles to flipping (thinking, technology, time and training).

  • How your approach to planning
    changes as you implement flipped learning.

  • How flipping will enhance the
    classroom experience for students.

  • What tech tools are available
    for teachers to flip their classes.

  • How to teach different subjects
    in the flipped classroom.

  • How teachers can give students
    more ownership and choice in their learning.

  • How flipped learning can help
    with differentiation and individualised instruction.

  • How flipped learning can
    provide an environment where projects can be done more often and with more

  • How to use gamification.

  • How to implement the
    flipped-mastery model in a classroom.