The Feedback Loop

Using Formative Assessment Data for Science Teaching and Learning

By: Zora M. Wolfe

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ISBN: 9781760010478

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Publish Date: 26 April 2017

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In the introduction to The Feedback Loop, the authors write, "We wanted to become better teachers but were overwhelmed with other tasks and uncertain about how to begin examining these areas." What teacher hasn't felt this way?

This groundbreaking book offers a practical process for gathering data from students in ways that will show you how to become a more effective science teacher without overwhelming you. Drawing on research-based findings and the experiences of both new and veteran classroom teachers, The Feedback Loop lets you design and implement your own formative assessment of your teaching and students' learning. The approach works for middle and high school teachers, regardless of discipline or experience level.

Step by step, the book's chapters

  • introduce the Feedback Loop framework;

  • highlight ways to set goals, develop tools, analyse data, and draw inferences;

  • explore how to close the loop by connecting inferences and goals through feedback;

  • explain how to use the full loop to inform your instruction; and

  • recommend ways to involve both students and colleagues in broadening your perspective.

Adding to its practical value, the guide features classroom vignettes that ground the ideas in real-life situations and supports the Next Generation Science Standards.Most important, it provides you with data that go way beyond what standardized test scores tell you. The Feedback Loop supports student learning and helps you strengthen your teaching practice in your very next lesson or unit.

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