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The Bully-Go-Round: Literacy and Arts Strategies for Promoting Bully Awareness in the Classroom

Author: Larry Swartz

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ISBN: 9781760563073

No of Pages: 32

Publish date: 10/04/2017

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In our society, where emerging technologies unite and
divide us in new ways, bullying is reaching epidemic proportions. The Bully-Go-Round shows teachers and
students powerful and positive ways to connect, react and respond to stories
and information that lead to a better understanding of the issues around

The book illustrates the complexity of the bullying cycle
and explores the role of those involved: the bully, the bullied and the
bystander. More than 35 activities offer interesting ways to respond through
talk, in writing, in art and in role to challenging bullying issues. From
bullying in the digital world and bullying statistics to responding in writing
and exploring anti-bullying in all media, the book offers innovative ways that
teachers can support students toward confronting and stopping the cycle of
bullying. Activities include

  • studying relevant
    advertisements and websites

  • responding to poetry about

  • designing artwork, graphic
    stories and posters about bullying

  • creating tableaux and choral

  • improvising, writing and preparing

This timely book lists the best books and other media,
grouped by genre and age level, to use with students in Years 1–12. Discussion
prompts and tips for teachers on creating safer classrooms complement this
valuable resource for students, teachers and the school community.