The Artisan Teaching Model for Instructional Leadership

Working Together to Transform Your School

By: Kenneth Baum, David Krulwich

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Publish Date: 31 January 2017

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The Artisan Teaching Models merges the idea of teamwork with the concept of an artisan–apprentice relationship. As in any apprenticeship, newer members of the profession work alongside experts (“artisans”). As apprentices become more skilled, they take on larger and more substantial roles and continue to work alongside, and together with, artisans. Over time, the apprentices become artisans themselves and in turn share the art and craft of teaching with newer teachers.

Although rubrics and checklists may cue good teaching practices, they do not make great teachers or effective leaders. Teaching is a craft, and great teachers must be treated as the artisans they are. It’s the intensive collaboration among teachers that helps them develop the broad range of skills they need to become true artisans who know how to help every student achieve. Baum and Krulwich work from this underlying premise and argue that all schools must develop conditions that allow true artisanship to flourish.

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SKU 116041
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ISBN 9781760560829
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