A Math Assessment Tool That Reveals Learning and Informs Teaching

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The ANIE (Assessment of Numeracy in Education) is a teacher-developed assessment tool that uses numeracy and common core performance standards to assess student understanding of maths concepts. This simple diagnostic tool helps teacher identify gaps in learning so they can plan intervention. It takes about 10 minutes to administer, grading is relatively quick and most importantly, teachers can use the results to plan timely and targeted intervention.

This highly readable book introduces a powerful assessment tool and intervention strategies that are simple yet revolutionary in their impact on student learning. Based on extensive use in hundreds of classrooms, the book explains each component of the ANIE. The authors share proven techniques for introducing the ANIE to students, and grading and interpreting the results to inform teaching and learning. Throughout the book, real situations and results are used to illustrate the radical improvements in learning that the ANIE has inspired.

The ANIE helps students master a step-by-step process for solving any maths question:

  • Decide what operation is needed to solve a question
  • Estimate a reasonable answer
  • Calculate the answer
  • Represent the question
  • Apply the concept to a real-word situation by developing a word problem.

Designed for students in Years 1–12, the ANIE is a one-page assessment of a single learning outcome or standard. Complex enough to fully align with performance standards, it is simple enough to use as a learning tool every day. Accessible to all teachers, whether they are generalists or maths specialists, The ANIE gives teachers the tools they need to actively engage students in making meaning for themselves and connecting maths concepts they are learning to their own lives.

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