Teaching Students to Think Like Scientists

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Publish Date: 11 March 2014

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The scientific curiosity of students is never stronger than in primary school, and teachers should always seek to nurture and encourage these questioning behaviours, rather than quash them. With Teaching Student to Think Like Scientists teachers will be fully prepared to enhance their science and literacy instruction, as well as address the new Australian Curriculum: Science and English content descriptions. 

Teaching Students to Think Like Scientists prepares students to examine decisions and ideas through scientific investigation and argumentation. Detailed lesson scenarios, aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Science and English content descriptions, integrate English and science content. Using the research-supported strategies of this book, teachers of science – or any other subject – will give students a rich and lasting understanding of the essential role of science in their daily lives and in the global community.

This resource will empower F–6 teachers to:

  • Master science and English content descriptions
  • Combine literacy and science instruction
  • Equip students to analyse, evaluate and respond to scientific issues
  • Prepare students to develop claims based on evidence and to debate and discuss them
  • Inspire students to become curious about and engaged with the world around them

Teaching Students to Think Like Scientists is the ideal resource to engage students with their science lessons, and ensure that their curiosity is met with quality instruction.


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