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Teaching Reasoning: Activities and Games for the Classroom

Author: Julia A Simms, Laurel Hecker, Ming Lee Newcomb

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ISBN: 9781760015381

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Publish date: 07/04/2015

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Teaching Reasoning: Activities and Games
for the Classroom

identifies essential reasoning skills from the Australian Curriculum and offers
F–12 teachers 12 fun, engaging activities and games to teach those skills to
students. Using these activities and games, students will develop the ability
to critically analyse evidence and draw valid conclusions, thus becoming
informed citizens destined for academic and lifetime success.

These short, flexible lessons each focus on a small set of foundational
thinking and reasoning skills, and are paired with engaging activities and
games students use to improve their proficiency with those skills. Teaching Reasoning offers clear,
acceptable guidance on how to directly teach the components of specific thinking
and reasoning skills, alongside games and activities that allow students to
practise and deepen their understanding of the component skills in fun,
engaging and memorable ways.

Using Teaching Reasoning,
F–12 teachers will:

  • refine
    students’ reasoning skills (using a combination of analytical and intuitive
    reasoning) in order to prosper in 21st-century universities and

  • gain
    engaging classroom games and activities to support reasoning instruction

  • provide
    students with the tools to reinforce their reasoning and relay complex

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