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Teaching Literacy in the Digital Age: Inspiration for All Levels and Literacies

Author: Mark Gura

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Code: IST1970

ISBN: 9781760011970

No of Pages: 254

Publish date: 16/02/2015

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story analysis, report writing, persuasive writing, discussing literature,
vocabulary – no matter what English topic you're addressing, this book will
provide you with dozens of activity ideas using a wide range of technologies. 

Between the
covers of this book is a large body of approaches, activities and resources.
This material will intrigue and delight many educators who’ve been looking for
ways to apply a growing body of recently developed technology resources to the
needs of classrooms that still have one foot in the world of traditional instruction.
Teaching Literacy in the Digital Age
delves into the most exciting online literacy practices and tools, from digital
graphic novels and book trailers to blogs and podcasts.

Packed with
activities aligned to the ISTE Standards and the Common Core State Standards
for English, this book reveals how teachers are applying digital tools to help
their students become powerful creators. Each activity in this book is tagged with a
recommended level, main technologies used and literacy covered. You can easily
adapt the majority of the activities for any level with minor modifications,
including for students with special needs and English learners.

Teaching Literacy in the Digital Age presents a body of practice that
represents a snapshot of important trends in technology-supported literacy
instruction. It also represents a trove of good-to-go instructional activities
ready for classroom implementation. Experience the magic that happens when
learners engage with literacy in new and vibrant ways!