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Instill grammar fundamentals using lessons that stick! In this book, authors Amy Benjamin and Joan Berger share procedures for teaching grammar effectively and dynamically, in ways that appeal to students and teachers alike. Ideal for teachers just beginning their work in grammar instruction, this book includes day-by-day lesson ideas and reproducibles to help them embed grammar lessons into writing instruction. Using visuals, wordplay, problem solving and pattern-finding activities, teachers can forgo methods that fail to engage students in grammar.

Through a series of activities designed to delve deeper into grammar learning, the authors share strategies that have proven successful during their extensive years of teaching and literacy consulting. Topics include:

  • Teaching recognition of complete sentences: eliminating fragments and run-ons

  • Teaching about verbs and adverbs

  • Teaching about nouns, pronouns and adjectives

  • Linking with conjunctions and prepositions

  • Embedding grammar in writing instruction

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