Teacher's Survival Guide

Differentiating Instruction in the Primary Classroom

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Publish Date: 11 August 2016

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The Teacher's Survival Guide: Differentiated Instruction in the Primary Classroom is planned to provide essential information on differentiating instruction for primary children. It is intended for teachers new to differentiation, whether they are new to teaching or experienced teachers.

The first chapter provides the foundation for the model in Chapter 2. The Effective Differentiation Model shows the relationship of various components in a differentiated classroom.

Subsequent chapters describe content, process, products and assessment as dimensions to differentiate for learners; how to establish a learning environment that supports differentiation; and management strategies to enhance differentiated learning.

Also included are chapters describing sample strategies that differentiate, ways to meet standards documents while differentiating, and how technology can be used to enhance differentiation in a primary classroom.

Each chapter also includes survival tips and a survival toolkit containing useful print and electronic resources.

Survival is important for teachers to think about as they embark upon a journey into differentiation. If it were really easy to differentiate, all teachers would be doing so.

The book is written for teachers who want the goals of maintaining continuous progress for all students and developing lifelong learners to characterise their teaching. It will be the handbook for starting to differentiate, providing the guidance to persist in differentiating and encouraging teachers as they build a repertoire of strategies to differentiate in their classrooms.

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