Teacher's Survival Guide

The Inclusive Classroom

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The Teacher's Survival Guide: The Inclusive Classroom addresses the most important issues new teachers face when working with students with disabilities, including collaborating with others, establishing parent relationships, understanding legal issues and managing the classroom.

This book is comprised of 10 comprehensive and exhaustive chapters addressing important topics first-year inclusive and special education teachers will face. In addition, each chapter provides the reader with a special section called “Survival Secrets of Teachers”, where practising teachers are interviewed about specific chapter topics. Each chapter also ends with a section called the “Survival Toolkit”, which provides the reader with additional websites and resources to further her knowledge base on each specific topic.

Chapter 1, “Professional Expectations,” discusses how teachers can collaborate with other school personnel.

Chapter 2, “Collaboration and Consultation,” addresses the benefits of collaboration and barriers to effective collaboration.

Chapter 3, “Communication With Parents,” highlights different communication options and discusses how teachers can handle conflict with parents.

Chapter 4, “Special Education and the Law,” describes some major legislation associated with students with special needs. Legislation addressed includes the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Chapter 5, “Planning Academic Instruction,” provides specific information on Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) as well as developing lesson plans.

Chapter 6, “Assessment in the Inclusive Classroom,” explores the important topic of assessment.

Chapter 7, “Classroom Management,” discusses how teachers can effectively manage their classrooms.

Chapter 8, “Using Data to Support IEP Goals,” focuses on the importance of using data to make educational decisions.

Chapter 9, “Technology,” touches upon the importance of technology in instruction. It explains what assistive technology is and the different options that exist for students with disabilities.

Chapter 10, “Placement Options for Inclusive and Special Education Teachers,” addresses different placement options teachers may be considering.

The information can be easily applied to all types of teachers in a multitude of different settings. This book will be an added resource to all teachers as they travel on their journey toward a career in education. Readers will find it helpful and useful regarding all of the aspects associated with teaching in an inclusive classroom.

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