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Rigorous Reading: In-Depth Guides for Great Literature: Charlotte's Web

Author: Karen McRae

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ISBN: 9781760564865

No of Pages: 80

Publish date: 03/10/2017

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The guides in the Rigorous Reading series aim to transform the reading of a great novel into a journey of discovery for students.

This in-depth guide has been written specifically for E. B. White's Charlotte's Web. The lessons and activities have been structured and scaffolded to maximise the experience of reading and teaching this classic novel. To prepare students for their reading of Charlotte's Web, teachers can utilise the novel information and pre-reading activity. Included in this section is information about the book and its author and illustrator, along with an activity designed to acclimate students to the themes present in the book they are about to read.

This resource provides activities that help foster comprehension and reinforce knowledge of literary elements as students read Charlotte's Web. These section activities allow students the opportunity to process short sections of Charlotte's Web individually, laying a strong foundation for their ability to engage more deeply with the chapters to come. For each section of Charlotte's Web, students will complete individual and collaborative activities that encourage close reading, referencing textual evidence and drawing their own conclusions about the text.

Additionally, this resource provides students with another avenue through which they can reflect on recurring literary elements, while also connecting personally with Charlotte's Web. Each student maintains his or her own Interactive Novel Log, using it as a way to consider and then reconsider various aspects of Charlotte's Web.

Upon completion of the entire novel, students can synthesise their ideas about Charlotte's Web by completing several individual and/or collaborative post-reading activities. This section of the resource includes such larger assignments as group projects, essay assignments and research projects.

Vocabulary lists are provided for each section of Charlotte's Web, along with suggestions for ways to teach vocabulary during reading and after completing the novel. At the end of this guide, an answer key is provided for activities that require specific answers.