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Formative Assessment Years 3-4

Author: Susan Mackey Collins

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ISBN: 9781760564650

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Publish date: 14/05/2018

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Good formative assessment provides effective feedback on a students’ understanding of the concept being taught. This series provides clear and practical resources to help you conduct accurate assessments. Pre-activities determine which students need extra help and which students are ready to advance. The graphic organisers and writing activities can be customised to meet your curriculum needs and help gather information on how your students learn. The collaborative reflections allow students to work together before moving on to the next concept.

These books are divided into five sections:

  • Pre-teaching: formative assessment activities to use before a lesson

  • Graphic Organisers: formative assessment organisers with easy-to-use illustrations

  • Written Response: formative assessment reactions to use various times during the lesson

  • Collaborative Reflections: formative assessment activities to use with both small and large groups

  • Technology and Interactive Assessment: formative assessment activities which integrate technology into the classroom

Formative assessment is a necessary tool to help student achievement improve in all subjects and at all levels of learning. Good formative assessment allows a teacher to know what needs to happen next in the classroom and to meet the diversity of learning styles of each individual student.