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Partnering with Families for Student Success: 24 Scenarios for Problem Solving with Parents

Author: Patricia A. Edwards, Rand J. Spiro, Lisa M. Domke, Ann M. Castle, Kristen L. White, Marliese R. Peltier, Tracy H. Donohue

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ISBN: 9781760566838

No of Pages: 222

Publish date: 09/07/2019

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This book helps teachers gain confidence and build sensitivity when interacting with caregivers and families who speak different languages and may come from different cultural, racial and social backgrounds. By presenting various scenarios, the authors invite readers to reflect on issues they will face as practising teachers in classrooms and across school networks.

Chapter modules cover common challenges teachers face in a variety of situations, including conducting honest parent–teacher conferences, dealing with discipline issues, responding to confrontational parents and educating neurodiverse students. Each module includes questions, worksheets and background information for developing asset-based approaches, and each explores more than one solution to the challenges presented.

This essential resource shows teachers how to consider caregivers’ and students’ underlying needs so they can better shape responses to the unique, changing situations in which they find themselves.