Unlocking Student Talent

The New Science of Developing Expertise

By: Robin Fogarty, Gene Kerns, Brian Pete

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Publish Date: 30 April 2018

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This book offers revolutionary proposals for transforming general education and, in particular, describes how to produce high-school graduates who are independent learners prepared and ready to employ the appropriate methods in acquiring whatever skills they need to succeed in their careers.

- From the Foreword by K. Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool, co-authors of Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise

The authors of this book understand that educators who seek to unlock talent must first and foremost build the confidence, not just the achievement, of the possessor of that talent - the student. This volume is the guide book for all who wish to use assessment for learning and other strategies in partnership with talented learners in the service of their success.

- Rick Stiggins, founder, Assessment Training Institute

How do we truly help students achieve their fullest potential? What are the roles of motivation, deliberate practice and coaching in developing talent and abilities in students?

This hands-on guide examines each of these elements in detail providing definitions, relevant research, discussions, examples and practical steps to take with students in primary, middle years and secondary school. The authors examine cutting-edge research on world-class performance and distil information specifically for educators. Offering guidelines to help teachers spot and encourage students' exceptional aptitudes, passionate interests and special strengths, they show concretely how to promote greater motivation for learning and success.

This foundational book infuses new ideas into established teaching. User-friendly chapters include thought-provoking insights, vignettes of how notable talents were developed, teaching and learning tips, year-level examples and discussion questions.

Overview: Parts and Chapters

Part I. Motivating: Spark the Passion: Initiate, maintain and sustain the learner's motivation.

Chapter 1. Inspire: Inspiration consists of the spark that generates motivation. It is connected to four particular catalysts: aspirations, hallmarks, competitiveness and novelty.

Chapter 2. Invigorate: Invigorating motivation as an ongoing driver, the following markers are highlighted: challenge, competitiveness, hallmarks and creativity.

Chapter 3. Instil: Ideas that bear on instilling continuing motivation as an intrinsic attribute are discussed: mindset, confidence, will, passion, burning desire and pride.

Part II. Practising: Engineer to Develop Expertise: Learn practice and adopt the rigorous routines of reach and repeat practice iterations.

Chapter 4. The Repetitions: Learners witness the mystery and magic of myelin and its stunning relationship to practice that pays off.

Chapter 5. Resistance and Results: This is where teachers discuss the concept of "reachfulness" that empowers practice routines by working in a zone that is just out of reach.

Chapter 6. Recovery and Residual: Learners realise the cultivation of mental maps evolving from the right kind of routines, cultivated constantly, developing "pattern-thinking".

Part III. Coaching: Seek Extraordinary Excellence: Settle for nothing less than one's personal best.

Chapter 7. Engage: This is the phase when the coach and talent become a team, talking and conferring constantly on skill levels, as well as developing deliberate practice routines as a bond of trust develops.

Chapter 8. Elevate: The master coach elevates performance literally, deliberately and strategically, to develop and hone the students' current performance achievement through reachfulness.

Chapter 9. Exceed: Exceeding the standard or the current skill level has the master coach moving the students beyond the original goals through goal setting, imagination and metacognitive reflection.

Part III Classroom Teaching Ideas: Circling back to the message of the book, which is clear, concise and timely as teachers heighten the experience of the children in their care, the authors focus on how to unlock student talent with the "reachfulness code" that begins by igniting motivation, grows with deep, deliberate practice, and is supported to the highest levels by master coaching.

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