180 Days of Reading for Kindergarten

By: Darcy Mellinger

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ISBN: 9781760947118

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Publish Date: 01 August 2022

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Provide fun, daily practice activities to build letter-recognition skills and introduce the basic concepts of print.

This standards-based resource includes a purposeful practice page for every day of the school year, providing the consistent practice young learners need. The engaging letter and word activities allow students to interact with printed words. 180 days of reading for Kindergarten provides young learners with the foundational skills they need to become successful readers. The easy-to-use resource develops student learning while allowing teachers or parents to assess progress and identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

Kindergarten skills covered in this book include the following skills.

Standards-based reading skills:

  • identifying uppercase consonants
  • identifying lowercase consonants
  • recognising long vowels
  • recognising short vowels
  • understanding letter-sound correspondence
  • blending sounds
  • segmenting sounds
  • connecting letters to form words
  • reading high-frequency words
  • putting it all together to read.

Concepts-of-print skills:

  • tracking left to right
  • reading top to bottom
  • turning page by page
  • identifying the front of a book
  • reading print
  • recognising the end-of-line return
  • understanding one-to-one match
  • understanding the concept of a letter
  • recognising the first and last letters of a word
  • understanding the concept of a word.
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