Welcome to Wellbeing

Book B – Good to Be Me with Mo and Ko! Student Book

By: Fiona Forman

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ISBN: 9781760944476

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Publish Date: 23 February 2022

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As teachers we can do so much to nurture wellbeing from an early age by giving students the social, emotional and psychological skills they need to flourish. Welcome to wellbeing is a multi-year program for students in Kindergarten to Year 1. It is designed to enhance students’ wellbeing across all dimensions – social, emotional, spiritual, physical and mental. Enhancing student wellbeing can lead to a wide variety of other successful outcomes including increased academic performance, better relationships and increased resilience (Waters, 2011; Park & Peterson, 2008).

The program is based on positive psychology, which is the science of wellbeing. The specific aims of Welcome to wellbeing – Book B: Good to be me with Mo and Ko! are:

  • to increase students' understanding of fourteen specific emotions including happiness, sadness, worry, calm, frustration and confidence
  • to encourage students to accept and express all of their emotions in a positive way and to understand that emotions show us what is important to us
  • to provide students with the opportunity to up-regulate positive emotions including gratitude, calm, kindness and joy
  • to provide students with the opportunity to regulate and express strong feelings including worry, sadness and anger
  • to introduce students to the concept and qualities of their best self through the idea of character strengths such as bravery, love, kindness, fairness and gratitude
  • to promote in students feelings of self-confidence and self-worth
  • to promote resilience and self-efficacy by giving students strategies to deal with their strong emotions
  • to support students to develop prosocial relationships by developing empathy, encouraging acts of kindness and appropriate expression of emotions.

The program follows two small gender-neutral aliens called Mo and Ko who have come from the planet Zo to help students to feel happy, strong, kind, brave, loving and well. Each week they introduce students to a new idea and set a challenge for students to try it out for the week – at home as well as at school. A pull-out guide for parents, guardians and carers is included in each student book to encourage support and involvement in the home.

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