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Surviving and Thriving: Making Classroom Management and Organization Work for You and Your Students

Author: Maria Carty

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ISBN: 9781760563059

No of Pages: 32

Publish date: 10/04/2017

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Classroom organisation and management are essential
elements of strong teaching and meaningful learning. A thoughtfully organised
classroom with effective and well-established routines and procedures helps to
create an environment that promotes and encourages learning.

This handy book helps teachers envision such a classroom. Surviving and Thriving provides
practical tips that teachers can put into action before, during and after the

  • Before Class: What routines and
    procedures do teachers need to consider before students arrive in the classroom
    each year and each day? …Routines …Time and Planning …Physical Space …Materials

  • During Class: How will students
    and teachers function during class time as they interact with each other and
    with the learning situation? …Grouping …Transitions …Refocusing …Encouraging
    Discussion …Reporting Out …Multiple Assessments …Recording Learning

  • After Class: What can the
    teacher do after the students leave to ensure the smooth transition from one
    day to the next? …Reflecting …Recordkeeping