STEM CIP - Riding on a Pendulum

A Study of Force and Motion

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Publish Date: 23 November 2010

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The revolutionary new practice of STEM teaches the related disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as one unit, emphasising their close relationship, rather than separately as in the past. In this Forces and Motion module, students learn how to plan and conduct well-designed experiments through a study of periodic motion, gravitational attraction, kinetic and potential energy, and pendulum systems.

Students conduct experiments on a pendulum based upon three independent variables. Their task is to write an engineering report and construct a model of a pendulum ride for an amusement park. As an extension, they design and conduct investigations on pendulums on the moon and compare the results to the behaviour of pendulums on Earth.

This binder and CD-ROM set holds the complete Riding on a Pendulum unit - Teacher's Guide, containing background information, questions and answers, and classroom implementation instructions; Student Curriculum Module, the primary student text containing information, readings and instructions; and the Student Data and Response section, where students record and evaluate their work as they progress.

The CD-ROM contains PowerPoint presentations that serve as visual enhancements to the activities, and a complete copy of the contents of the binder in PDF form for ease of reproduction.

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