Start Young! Early Childhood Science Activities

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At last - the resource you need to engage even the littlest scientists! During a recent NSTA focus group, teachers of Early Learning to Year 2 clamoured for help. They do want easy-to-do science activities they can use for everyday teaching. But they don't want to be forced to adapt material meant for older children. Start Young! is the solution. It offers a wealth of simple educational activities designed to use straight away with very young children.

The collection includes an introduction with helpful background on the latest thinking about introducing science in early childhood. But the bulk of the book is two dozen articles compiled from Science and Children, NSTA's award-winning journal for primary school teachers. The articles are divided into four sections:

  1. Early Learning and Science emphasises the need to start young with science learning and to hone the capabilities little children bring to science investigation.
  2. Child-Centred Curriculums describes how teachers can plan learning experiences based upon the questions the kids generate, the ideas and interest they evidence, and the knowledge and skills they bring to classroom.
  3. Integrating Curriculums suggest multifaceted means to provide several learning experiences at once using hands-on experiences, excursions, guest experts and more.
  4. Assessing Understanding explores ways to document student learning authentically with age-appropriate assessment activities.

If you work with young children, you know how eager they are to see, smell, hear and touch the world around them. Encourage that natural curiosity while laying a foundation for a lifetime of learning about science. Start Young! is a resource that will help you start them off right.

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