Achieving Equity and Excellence

Immediate Results From the Lessons of High-Poverty, High-Success Schools

By: Douglas Reeves

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Publish Date: 06 April 2020

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In Achieving Equity and Excellence: Immediate Results From the Lessons of High-Poverty, High-Success Schools, author Douglas Reeves details a proven methodology for helping any school make dramatic improvements in academic performance, behaviour and attendance in a single semester. In addition to presenting seven teaching practices derived from his years-long study and observation of high-poverty, high-success schools, Reeves presents the mindset integral to applying them at the school, department and system levels. Reeves notes the need for the immediate results and programs that are proven to work within readers’ communities. As such, Achieving Equity and Excellence serves as a research-backed guide for readers who wish to achieve high performance for all. Through this book, readers will not only realise that a more equitable and just system is possible in their school but also learn how to make student success a sustainable reality.

F–12 teachers and administrators will:

  • study high-poverty, high-success schools and the research they are founded on
  • assess five levels of educational research and establish which research to trust
  • understand how to take action for change based primarily in daily decisions that benefit students
  • discover effective teaching practices that will enable immediate success for students
  • learn about the importance of accountability to a learning system and how to implement it in their schools.
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