The Handbook for Poor Students, Rich Teaching

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Publish Date: 17 July 2019

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A majority of public school students live in poverty, and F–12 teachers have the power to change their futures for the better. To meet this goal, The Handbook for Poor Students, Rich Teaching guides readers through seven high-impact mindsets:

  1. the relational mindset
  2. the achievement mindset
  3. the positivity mindset
  4. the rich classroom climate mindset
  5. the enrichment mindset
  6. the engagement mindset
  7. the graduation mindset.

A companion to Poor Students, Rich Teaching: Seven High-Impact Mindsets for Students from Poverty, Revised Edition, this powerful handbook provides a plethora of practical tools, organisers, worksheets and surveys designed to help F–12 teachers fully embrace the critical mindsets that lead to richer teaching and profound learning for all students.

Readers will:

  • explore seven essential mindsets and strategies and adopt them into their teaching
  • develop their understanding of effective teacher-student relationships and how to build them
  • use effective tools to help students from poverty see content mastery as a reachable goal
  • discover specific actions
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