Think Big, Start Small

How to Differentiate Instruction in a Brain-Friendly Classroom

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Publish Date: 25 November 2011

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You no longer have to be a neuroscientist to understand how your students absorb knowledge. This easy-to-comprehend guide pares down the vast field of neuroscience and covers the brain basics that affect your classroom the most—attention, memory, emotions, and stress. With a variety of simple brain-compatible strategies, you’ll see a measurable difference in your differentiated classrooms.

Differentiation is the core of the art and science of teaching. However, even masters of this art may not be effective in the classroom if they don’t have a basic understanding of how the human brain grows, develops and learns. To successfully implement differentiation strategies, educators must design and orchestrate a brain-compatible environment. Think Big, Start Small pares down the vast field of neuroscience and provides educators with the brain basics needed to create a classroom that enhances learning.

This book:

  • Provides neuroscience research on learning, attention, memory, emotions and stress.
  • Offers low-prep, high-yield strategies for assessing student knowledge, interests and preferences
  • Shows how to create a brain-friendly environment that maximises student learning
  • Illustrate how simple changes in the presentation of information can engage students more quickly
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