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Ahead of the Curve: The Power of Assessment to Transform Teaching & Learning - Leading Edge Series

Author: Robert Marzano, Richard DuFour, Anne Davies, Douglas Reeves, Ken OConnor, Larry Ainsworth, Linda Gregg, Lisa Almeida, Rick Stiggins, Stephen White, Thomas Guskey, Dylan Wiliam

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ISBN: 9781741708288

No of Pages: 222

Publish date: 27/08/2009

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Ahead of the Curve brings the ideas and recommendations of many internationally renowned education leaders into one resource for educators working to help their students achieve at ever-higher levels. Each chapter contributes to a sound conceptual framework and offers specific, practical strategies for assessment. From involving students in the assessment process, to ensuring accuracy, to applying assessments to English language learners and special needs students, you will find compelling insights and proven strategies. Editor Reeves and contributors focus on the fundamental purpose of assessment: effective teaching practices for students' success. 

 Contributing authors are:

  • Douglas Reeves (editor)

  • Robert J. Marzano

  • Richard DuFour

  • Anne Davies

  • Ken O’Connor

  • Larry Ainsworth

  • Linda A. Gregg

  • Lisa Almeida

  • Rick Stiggins

  • Stephen White

  • Thomas R. Guskey

  • Dylan Wiliam