Transforming School Culture [DVD/CD/Facilitator's Guide/Book]

By: Anthony Muhammad

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Publish Date: 11 July 2018

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Based on the book Transforming School Culture: How to Overcome Staff Division, Second Edition by Anthony Muhammad, this unscripted video workshop explores a powerful framework for understanding school culture and turning toxic cultures into healthy ones. This inspiring video draws on Muhammad’s study of thirty-four US public schools, contending that in order to transform school culture, we must examine and understand educators’ motivation for hanging on to paradigms that are contrary to those of their school or district. In the video, Muhammad describes the underlying tensions that impact culture among four different groups of educators in a school.

  1. The Believers are committed to each student’s learning and operate under the assumption that their efforts can make an enormous difference in that learning.
  2. The Tweeners are typically new to a school and attempt to learn its prevailing culture.
  3. The Survivors feel overwhelmed by the stress and demands of the profession, and their primary goal is to make it through the day, the week and the year.
  4. The Fundamentalists want to preserve the status quo.

In this video workshop, participants will view real leader and teacher interviews and implementation meetings and discover how Garnet Valley School District, in Delaware County Pennsylvania, used the Transforming School Culture framework to establish a healthy school culture.

This workshop contains seven segments:

  1. Welcome and Video Introduction
  2. Exploring Schools in the Era of Accountability
  3. Considering Four Distinct Perspectives
  4. Inspiring Fundamentalists to Accept Change
  5. Eliminating Deficiencies in Leadership
  6. Developing Six Action Plans
  7. Conclusion

F–12 teachers and administrators can view Transforming School Culture alone or use it with the facilitator’s guide to provide one full-day or two half-day workshops. It includes a seventy-two-minute DVD, a forty-page facilitator’s guide in print and on CD, and a copy of the book Transforming School Culture: How to Overcome Staff Division, Second Edition.

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